The Immersion is a nature-based exploration for women, diving into the heart of becoming more human. in fully meeting and emboldening our purpose of being human, we make space to live more of what we are as a gift to self and world.


Working with maps as guides through the terrain of the psyche, this journey ushers forth and strengthens facets of self, many of which have become convoluted, overplayed or exiled through history and in modernity. These aspects are essential to our wholeness. They are simultaneously generative and wild, transformative and peaceful, rooted and exalted. They call us to commune with supreme grief and great joy, and they animate both within and beyond.

We will also open the door to facets of the psyche that may have settled into protective, wounded, hidden, quiet or even forgotten places – all of which are to be welcomed home. For they, too, are a part of being fully human.

Our humanness cannot be so without the greater systems we are within and around, and the deep intimacy our individual life has with others, earth, spirit and all-life. In so, further exploration may move into into spaces such as: ancestry and lineage, identity, justice, sociological explorations, conversation with more-than-human life, prayer and eco-spirituality.

As human beings, our purpose is to be human. And so, this work explores how we can simply be more of just that. In letting ourselves be(come) more of what we are, we then make space to live more of what we are as a gift to self and this world. And so, the bridge in Bridging the Soul is our humanness. 


I found Natalie at just the right point in my personal journey of growth and healing. Her soulful support and compassion is a perfect compliment to her skillfulness in sharing knowledge and wisdom. This combination makes her a safe, effective ally in any journey. I have such trust in her and her service to others and such gratitude for her impact in my life. Thank you friend!
— Kat D.

The Immersion is for those receiving a knock at the door. for those who sense a desire for a more whole and healed relationship to self. for those who are willing to rest in complexity and become intimate with well-worn grooves. for those ready to build a wi(l)der, deeper, fuller relationship to life.

Or learn more…

Every human has a unique story and experience. While there may be core practices and explorations within the Immersion, no one person ever receives the same support as another - for all require a unique compass. The Immersion generally calls upon the below offerings to illuminate the path home:

The Path | Soul-centric Practices

  • Healing and wholing work

  • Nature-based practices (time in conversation with lands, elemental explorations, ritual, tending, etc.)

  • Remember other ways of knowing (emotions, body, imagination, heart-centered)

  • Rediscovering the sacred/wild

  • Unlocking inner and outer guides

  • Guided journeys and meditations

  • Dream-tending

  • Writing and poetry

  • Self-designed ritual and ceremony

The Path | Body-Centered Support

  • Somatic experiencing

  • Somatic archeology

  • Conscious movement practices

  • Pranayama (breathwork)

The Path | Psychology and Sociology

  • Explore and unravel beliefs, thoughts, actions, and stories

  • Uncover patterns and messaging from personal, inter-personal, familial, ancestral, cultural and societal relationships and experiences that shape your experience

  • Investigate engrained patterns and messages, build tools to for resourcing and self-regulation, and reweave supportive patterns and messages

  • Unweaving webs of guilt and shame, and their connections to the desire for love, acceptance, and belonging

  • Practice researched modalities for building trust and self-compassion

  • Health and media literacy

The Immersion includes: 

  • One 30-minute Immersion Exploration Call prior to beginning sessions

  • Eight or twelve 60-minute sessions every other week (virtual sessions with the option of some in-person sessions at my home & on the land)

  • One 45-minute follow-up call four weeks following final session

  • Tools, maps, guides, and practices to support you during and between sessions

  • Four meditation practices sent directly to your phone

  • Ongoing access via e-mail throughout the Immersion

  • A personalized Immersion designed to uniquely support you (this is no cookie cutter experience!)

  • (Optional) e-mailed recordings of virtual sessions



If you feel called to geek out, please feel free to explore my short writing titled: “Re-Wholing the Feminine Psyche: a Revival of Self and Earth.”