Dance Yourself Into Trust

There is an unconscious agreement between consumers of information and those distributing information that we as the consumers are not to be trusted with the management of our bodies.

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and other dieting and body “improving” programs are quite effective at making it seem as though we need help outside ourselves to successfully care for our own bodies. We are told again and again that we need support in order to control or manage our intake of food, and if we don’t, well, the worst could happen….

I invite you to change this paradigm and re-mind yourself that you are trustworthy.  

You are not out of control. Your body is not something to be fixed. Such programs make it so that we have to step outsides of ourselves in order to experience comfort, support, and ease.

(Support can be of course helpful, but there is support that takes your power away and there is support that gives the space to become empowered.)

Support that takes you away from your power moves you further away from having full ownership over yourexperience with your body and from gaining access to your source of true healing.

So, here we go. Use your body to heal your body.

The healing ringleaderfree, unrestricted, embodied movement.

Step one: Create a playlist, even just two to three songs, that you cannot help but move to. I recommend music you can be more easeful with. Something you want to move to, but music that doesn’t force the movement.

Step two: Turn the music on as loud as it needs to be for you to get lost – for everything else to disappear. Stay away from mirrors and shut any doors or windows that distract you from anything outside your direct experience.   

Step three: Move. Close your eyes and follow yourself. Become a witness to your movement. Perhaps even put an eye mask on. Allow for yourself to be led by something other than your conscious mind. Where do the tips of your fingers want to lead you? Your feet?  Head? Spine? You can roll your neck, squat, fold forward, start moving into random yoga postures. Sit. Do nothing. Whatever.

 Simply follow yourself.

This sort of movement will begin to bring a deeper sense of embodied self-awareness into your being. Embodied self-awareness is a way of witnessing and participating in our whole body-mind experience on a moment-to-moment basis. It is not a cognitive head-down approach.

This is truly healing the relationship to the body from the ground up – and through the body itself. This is very significant.

By allowing your body to guide you, you will learn to trust it, and thus, deeply trust yourself.

I am not much of a beggar, but I plead with all might and ask you to do this for yourself. Dim the lights, press play and follow yourself into movement. Your capacity for dancing is irrelevant. Be rigid. Be smooth. It does not matter.

Simply quiet the mind and follow your body. Trust that it will take you exactly where you need to go. From there, trust will grow. And in moments of life when that trust may dissipate, come back to this movement. Reignite your trust.

Embodied movement is your guide. It will lead you back to trust time and time again.  

That trust will drip into everything else you do. Thus, not only will you trust your body, but you will trust your ability to care for your body in a way that best serves you (especially with your relationship with food and physical activity).

Now, I invite you (and plead, just a little bit!) to follow those few simple steps listed above.  

Let the movement guide you into profound trust.   

Empower yourself with trust. 


With love.