Freedom for Bridging Women

To not always depend on food for emotional support. 

To sometimes even forget to eat a meal because she is that separate from it. 

To start eating a meal without concern of what happens after she finishes her plate. 

To no longer move past the mirror without looking.

To not feel crazy.

To not feel like people are watching her.

To gain clarity as to why she does what she does. 

To wake up in the morning and feel true peace with her body. 

To not go to bed at night thinking about how she can turn it around tomorrow. 

To not go to bed at night going over what she ate/didn’t eat. 

To stop eating compulsively. 

To stop waking up in the morning and going straight to the mirror to see what she did to her body the day/week/month/year before. 

To stop exercising or using physical activity as a means to counter what she did the day/week/month/year before. 

To feel okay with a partner touching her intimately. 

To be content at the end of a meal. 

To stop comparing herself to other women. 

To not always think about the next time she gets to eat. 

To not rush home after eating a meal with friends in order to continue. 

To not base this meal on the meal that came beforehand. 

To see herself beautifully. 

To know that she is really, really amazing. 

To stop the incessant chatter in her mind that her body will never change, or that it might someday.

To not freak out about events/occasions. 

To be able to get out of the fog. 

To stop planning on tomorrow.

To stop hating herself for what she does to herself. 

To stop feeling tired, drained, unmotivated, impossible. 

To see the light

To see the light in her own eyes.

A life. 

To not give a fuck.

To know there is hope. 

To know she can do it. 

To know someone else gets it. 

To know she is not alone. 

To experience freedom. 


With love.