Own your power: choose the lens

Let's get right into this. When speaking with clients, and women in general, one of the most common misbeliefs I hear is, "I will finally feel good about myself when I reach my goal." There is the story running through women's minds that when they meet a weight or beauty goal then all else will be great, and they will finally get to be happy with themselves. 

So, at what point do you finally get to believe that you are good enough? Looking good has a very particular image associated with it. And although an image is difficult to possess, it is an image many seek and strive for. Also sought, is a particular number on the scale. Many step on the scale everyday hoping to have maintained or finally reached "the goal." And in order to really feel good, the the desired image or goal is often required. 

When you constantly seek something outside of yourself right now, all of the little receptors in your brain are being told that you aren't good enough unless... Those receptors reach you, on a cellular level, making it close to impossible to feel good and be happy with yourself. 

But what happens if you flip the switch?   What if you stopped basing the way you are allowed to feel on the way you look or the number on the scale?  

What if you chose to nourish yourself everyday through the avenue of self-care? What would happen if you fed yourself, based not on the newest diet that is said to work wonders and get you to that desired image or goal, but instead, that which makes you feel ridiculously loved, nourished and alive? What if you based the way you feel simply on the way you feel?   

Let's go even further. What if you continued to nourish your feelings to even further the feel-good potential

Try this. Write down what nourishes you and makes you feel good. Babies, hiking, avocados, friends, pets, fresh air, scrambles, whatever. Then, write down what feelings are associated with that which makes you feel good. Calm, peaceful, energetic, optimistic, relaxed, free, accepting, thankful, courageous. 

What you list is that which make you feel loved, nourished and alive.  Use them.

Women spend years trying to look good in order to finally allow for themselves to feel good.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

By revolutionizing the way you feel good and by spending your energy on activities, movement, food, relationships that make you feel the deep-down-to-your-core kind of good, then something magical happens - your perspective changes. Your lens changes.

You own the power to change the lens you see yourself through by choosing to fill up with feel-good potential, not by balancing your feel-good potential on images or numbers.  

Practice the art of feel-good. Begin making choices you know to be deeply enliven and nourish you. You've got the list.  

Self-care creates self-love, which creates more space for self-care, creating more self-love. You get it. From there comes deep, deep personal value and the most high-end camera lens you will ever wrap your fingers around. 

Keep summoning up that feel-good potential.

Your new lens will create more freedom than you could even imagine. 


With love.