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The Immersion is a nature-based exploration for women, diving into the heart of becoming more human. It is designed as a guide to uncovering and calling home the many voices, facets and resources within self and beyond, while simultaneously meeting and working with protective aspects, whose loyalty often upholds our smallness. Here rests explorations towards deepening wholeness, balance and maturation, which expand our capacity to be more fully human and in deeper relationship to life. 

Through this work, we also take into consideration the great web of life we are woven into, and thus, this guided journey rests at the intersections of: eco-psychology, soul-centric human development, socio-political integration, and focused reconnection.

It calls us into deepening connection with the wild and vast terrain within, while simultaneously calling us further into the world.

The highest intention of the Immersion is created to support you in becoming more fully human, and in so sparking greater healing, wholeness, you — and life.


While only one-on-one offerings are currently available, please keep your eyes open for more group immersions to come. Stay connected.


The practices of yoga and meditation vary far and wide - with an almost unquantifiable array of teachers and modalities spread across the globe.

I offer these practices with the intentions of honoring the tradition of yoga, and creating a space of safety and evolution.

Regardless of how we meet - in a gentle movement practice, meditation, yin yoga, vinyasa, in a clinical setting, or at a retreat - plan to step into a deeply held container designed to remind you of all that already rests within, using the practices as guides home. Yoga and meditation have proven to be powerful ways back to the center of one’s self. We make use of these practices to both nurture and expand our capacities for life.

Yoga and meditation classes are offered weekly throughout the East Bay in pubic studios, and for private groups in clinical and non-clinical settings . You can also find me offering workshops and guided classes at various events regularly around the Bay Area, along with extended gatherings and retreats throughout the year.


What we need now are new stories to share with each other, new tales to live into the world, which is to say, stories to make real by living our own versions of them.

- Bill Plotkin



As we gather in community - small or large, with family or strangers - we shift something in the fabric of our being. In a culture where it has become far too easy to stay home and practice, dance, listen, learn, and so on, it is almost revolutionary to choose to enter into communal experiences. This a powerful time to remember that while we are responsible for our own well-being, that we can simultaneously be supported and uplifted in relationship with others.

I hope that you join me for a gathering, as sometimes the greatest medicine is seeing the kind eyes of another.