Hello, my name is Natalie.

For the last decade I have been deeply immersed and working in the spaces of human development, guiding folx in one-on-one and group settings, leading classes, retreats and immersions, and holding circle and ritual. My formal educational background is in sociology, philosophy and politics. My additional education incorporates: yoga and meditation, somatic experiencing and trauma-informed mindfulness, identity and equity, eco- and archetypal psychology, nature-based learning, soul-centric human development and plant wisdom. Combined, all of my studies and mentorship co-create the lens in which I see life through, and thus are integrated into my offerings.

Whether we meet in a class, in one-on-one work or in any other setting, I always intend to meet you where you are, to invite you further into self and to remind you of the world that holds it hand out to meet you.  As the work of Joanna Macy and systems thinking informs us, we are intricately connected to the grand web of all life. And so, while we must be willing to deeply look within for our own wholeness and healing, we must also remember to dance into the beautiful and wild web we are connected into.  

My life is greatly inspired with the intention of continuing to be guided, and to be a guide to others in the grand journey of remembering ourselves as, and thus becoming, more human. More of our pieces must be welcomed on this journey, making space for our expressions to be met by and lived into the world. We must seek not to change the exterior and superficial, but instead, open ourselves to being transformed from the deepest places within and around.

I treat these offerings with great honor and responsibility. And as we swirl back towards a loving and whole relationship to self, my hope is that we come to balance with all the parts living within, while also healing and expanding our capacity to be in right relationship to and with the earth. 

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